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Electronic Check Conversion
With Electronic Check Conversion by APS, taking checks is absolutely risk free!
It's a fact of life: over half of all non-cash payments at point of sale are made by checks, with over $650 billion spent annually in the US alone. This is why most merchants cannot afford to not take checks. And up until now, the risk involved with taking checks was a double-edged sword - refuse checks and lose sales, or the worst possibility, have a check bounce and lose revenue and time.

With the APS Check Conversion Guarantee, if the transaction doesn't clear, APS will collect the full amount. Meaning you, the merchant, don't have to worry about returned checks or fees. APS deals with it for you!

Electronic check conversion is a simple, superb way to ensure your customer checks clear, and can save you time and money. The process is simple:

  1. Your customer writes a check.

  2. The check is run through your check reader terminal. The terminal readsthe codes at the bottom of the check, and then verifies it electronically.

  3. The electronic codes are sent securely to APS and are checked against a comprehensive database of checks and check writers.

  4. The check approval is electronically transferred back to the terminal and an authorization slip is generated.

  5. The customer is given the authorization slip to sign and print their name and note their telephone number. These items are required for APS to collect funds from the customer's bank account.

  6. The customer is given a copy of the signed authorization slip and their check is given back, now stamped with "ACH Processed".

  7. Transaction information is stored inside the check reader terminal. At the end of the day, this information is settled to APS Check Advantage.

  8. Funds are then transferred to your merchant account fully verified, within days, instead of weeks.

  9. The transaction will appear on your customer's bank statement.

Here are just some of the benefits our current customers have experienced with APS Electronic Check Conversion:

  • Time Savings: fewer trips to the bank, no deposit slips to fill out or lines to wait in. With APS Check Conversion, funds are electronically deposited.
  • Substantially Lower Risk: With APS Electronic Check Conversion, APS assumes liability. No longer do you have to worry about NSF funds.
  • Lower Costs: Accept checks at a much lower cost
  • Security: Electronic check funds are delivered through the same Authorized Clearing House systems the banks have used for years.

Can you use a risk-free way to take checks in your business? Contact us here to find out more about APS Electronic Check Conversion.



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