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Merchant Account Associates offers a Virtual Terminal that adds the functions of a Payment Gateway in one low-cost solution.

Transaction Central™ is a web-based credit card and ACH terminal that has all the functionality of an electronic countertop terminal. It's an easy way to process transactions from a remote location - all you need is web access!

This product has shown itself as an easy, inexpensive solution for merchants who do business outside of their location.

Here are just some of the benefits Transaction Central™ provides:

1. Use As A Virtual Terminal
Instantly, your business can process real-time online, secure credit card transactions with easy to enter address verification. Or, process Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) with only a routing number validation. Also, because Transaction Central includes all the features of a countertop terminal, you can remotely process credits, returns and voids.

2. Use As A Payment Gateway
This product enables you to connect to your shopping cart or Internet interface to obtain secure authorizations and settle transactions automatically. The easy reporting and adminstrative features give you clear and concise transaction reports, with the ability to edit or process returns instantly.

3. Batch Uploading Capability

With Transaction Central™, you can easily transmit a full batch of transactions online. Plus, you'll receive an automated response to confirm the transaction has been resolved.

Special Benefits For Internet Merchants

When teamed with our shopping cart technology, ECShop™, Transaction Central gives you the ability to issue credits and voids and prepare transaction reports, all with one system. This can greatly simplify your bookkeeping, as you can easily produce reports that include all your transactions.

Special Benefits For Mail/Phone Order and Mobile Merchants

Conveniently enter all your daily credit card and check sales, credits and voids in one batch to save time. No expensive terminal equipment is required. No waiting for telephone line dial outs.

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