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Find out more about our merchant accounts and credit card processing services.

With Merchant Account Associates' WebConnect for PDAs and Laptops, you can directly transfer funds from your customer's account into your deposit account at retail rates! WebConnect uses your PDA's Internet connection to authorize and transfer funds.

We also offer Cellular Phone Processing - click here.

Finally, there is a solution that enables delivery and in-home services, swap meets, mall shopping carts, taxi or shuttle services to qualify for the same low credit card processing rates as a traditional retail store!

WebConnect includes more benefits than a standard credit card terminal, such as:

  • the lowest processing rates for credit card transactions
  • Electronic Check Acceptance
  • Low cost, truly portable package
  • Plus, you get all the Palm™ timesaver features such as e-mail, date book, web browsing and more...

Accept Credit Cards Anywhere
Now you can accept credit cards on your Palm or Palm compatible handheld with a wireless connection. This function works perfectly with the wireless Palm VIIx.

Convenience and Savings
Now you do not have to wait until you get back to the office, or read numbers over the phone while your secretary fumbles with a merchant terminal. Just swipe the card, enter the amount, press submit, and in under one minute, you have an authorization!

Wide Ranging Coverage
In cities, the Palm VIIx has excellent coverage, but if you are in an outlying area, you can use the Kyocera Smartphone, which is a Palm PDA built into a Sprint or Verizon Cellular Phone, and is available in your local business and cellular retail outlets.

For more convenience, your WebConnect account includes Transaction Central, which provides an easy voids and credits screen and extensive online account reports.

How Do You Get WebConnect?
Simply call Merchant Account Associates at 1-888-553-9425 ext 10, or fill out our contact form here. A representative will usually be in touch within 24 hours.



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